The Rules

So, as this is all still a new experiment for me, I have been slowly adapting and developing the rules as I go along, and should probably lay out the basic guidelines. I will be following a set of standard rules, and will update them as to any difficulties, so this is just what I've managed to work out so far.

Fruit & Veg

  • I will buy all fruit and veg for my own cooking from Kent retailers and only make seasonable meals from what is available here and now.
  • If a recipe calls for something exotic like an avocado or a banana, I will allow myself the occasional out of season, flown in item, but will only buy as much as I need, when I need and will have no surplus or waste. If I have surplus veg box items, I will not buy any extra veg at all.
  • If I am purchasing imported items, I will endeavour to only purchase Fairtrade, unless unavailable.
  • I will purchase no mass-produced meat for home consumption at all.
  • I will endeavour to source meat from Kentish farms and land as local to my home as possible. If this is not an option, I will be buying meat from small British farms based in the home counties, with clear ethics and the ability for anyone to see the animals living a high quality existence.
  • If a restaurant doesn't have a local sourcing policy or are unaware of where it's meat has come from, I will only order vegetarian or sometimes fish dishes, guilt depending.
  • If I am elsewhere in the UK, I will strive to eat meat local to the area in which I am staying.
Fish & Shellfish
  • I will attempt to eat fish and shellfish from Kentish fisherman and the waters as local to my home as possible.
  • I will attempt to buy line-caught fish as often as possible.
  • I will try and forgo fish and shellfish in favour of vegetarian options in restaurants with unclear fish supply
Dairy & Eggs
  • All eggs will be free range, and preferably from Kent
  • I will cease to buy mass-produced eggs, milk, butter and cream in favour of supporting smaller, British dairy farmers
  • I will attempt to only eat lovely British cheeses! In abundance! Whether hard, goat, soft or flavoured, I will be picking British and smaller producers. Except for when recipes call for specifics like Parmesan, in which case I will only buy as much as I need when I need. Mmm...cheese.
Bread, Rice, Pasta, Flour & Store Cupboard Essentials
  • As someone who is constantly playing intestinal Russian Roulette, I will need to substitute some items such as bread and pasta, for pre-packaged gluten free alternatives.
  • I will attempt to make my own homemade alternatives to bread and pasta instead of using the pre-packaged type. I am aware attempts to do this before have provided varying results- mostly pretty poor!- and I may just need some bread or pasty that doesn't immediately fall apart or chip my tooth.
  • If I can't buy British, I will buy Fairtrade or not at all.
  • I will find a local bakery that reliably supplies wheat free bread. Searches so far have proved fruitless, and I really haven't mastered the art of gluten free baking yet and sometimes I just want some toast.
  • I will try as much Kentish cider and beer as possible.
  • Some sloe gin would also be nice...
General Food Purchasing Chain of Command

Local, Fresh & Ethical
British & Ethical
Vegetarian & Gluten Free (applies to eating out only)
Not Safe for Dolly Consumption


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