Poached Duck Egg & Goats Cheese Topped Potato Rosti

Poached Duck Egg & Goats Cheese Topped Potato Rosti
Serves 2 big eaters

1 large potato, grated (Kent Veg Box)
1 onion, thinly sliced (Kent Veg Box)
some butter (Maryland Farm)
1 handful spinach, shredded (Kent Veg Box- last week's and still going strong!)
1 tomato, diced (Kent Veg Box)
2 duck eggs (Drings)
some goat's cheese (Vulscombe Black Peppercorn, Devon)
Salt & Pepper
Mixed herds

  1. Heat some butter in a large non-stick pan and sauté the onions with seasoning until golden brown, completely transparent and cooked. Once the onions start to take on colour, cover the pan with a lid and reduce the heat so that they "steam-fry" this will ensure soft golden brown onions with a sweet caramelized flavour. Melt some more butter and add to the grated potatoes and season. Leave to form a crisp bottom.
  2. Poach the duck egg. Add the tomato and spinach to the rosti, stir and leave to form a crunchy bottom again.
  3. Serve with crumbled goats cheese and toast.
As I am only responsible for feeding myself today, I halved the recipe for my lunch, and had the rest of the potato rosti with bacon and some Barkham Blue. Scrumptious. I could eat a mountain of rosti!

Pssst! Any camera experts fancy suggesting something that'll stop making my food photos look like grainy voyeur shots?


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