My First Monthly Fish Box

So, through Kent Veg Box I ordered a small fish box, which comes in the third week of every month, and today I received my first one.

The fish comes from Dungeness Fish, a long-established family run business. In today's box, I got a little note from the lovely people at Kent Veg Box explaining that the box was a little lighter than usual due to storms and the boats not being able to get out properly. I had no previous comparison, so can't say how much it seemed down by, but the fish I did get was beautiful and made up for the lacking quantity in being great quality, expensive fish.

I received four massive scallops, including roe, two whole Dover sole and a large portion of huss. There was hardly any of that pungent fishy smell to the products- testament to it's freshness- but everything needs a good wash to remove salt, grit and anything else that you don't want to be chewing on. As we're away this weekend, I rinsed the Dover sole, bagged it and popped in the freezer for next week, when fella and I can both sit down and have it for dinner. The huss I have left in the fridge for now, until I decide what to do with it.

Lucky for me, Alex doesn't like shellfish, or roe, or fish heads, or anything that makes him a bit of a quiver, which means I got all four fat scallops to myself! And what beauties they were!

After giving them a very thorough rinse and removing any grit, black bits or waste I excitedly prepared myself a monster of a lunch. Not all of it is Kent produce, but I do have dietary issues and did only make the decision to do an Eat Kent challenge today, so I shall list the suppliers next to the ingredients.

Handful of gluten free pasta (Supermarket)
One ginormous garlic clove (Greensmiths)
Leek (Kent Veg Box)
Mushrooms (Supermarket)
Spinach (Kent Veg Box)
Scallops (Dungeness Fish)
Salt & Pepper

Oh, my goodness, they were the freshest, most delicious scallops I have ever eaten. It was a beautiful meal and given that I'd had no breakfast I shoveled it down in a thoroughly ungraceful, greedy pig impression. Utterly delicious.

I can't wait to get stuck into the huss and sole now, but I will keep the glutton monster contained, as my belly is happy, warm and full and my taste buds are in a post-orgasmic daze.


  1. I look forward to reading more about your seasonal veggies in Kent. And fish...why don't we have fish boxes here on the CA coast, I wonder? So I could have the scallops all to myself since my hubby doesn't eat 'em either!


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