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Midweek Quickie; Cheezy Broccoli & Red Pepper Spud Cakes

I've been trying to make a stash of my own convenience foods lately and keeping them in the freezer for when I'm feeling a bit lazy, which in winter is honestly about 89% of the time. I am a big fan of packet oven stuff, but I crave it a lot and given that I am fairly skilled in the kitchen, I tend to end up self-loathing a bit for choosing Linda McCartney over cooking for myself, so I figured the best way to combat this is to be the ready meal provider I want to see in the world and stock my freezer full of homemade not so junk foods.

It started with sausages and burgers, and they were great. I made a big batch of both which probably did about 8 meals each. It works out so much cheaper this way, and I also get a wider variety of flavour combinations open up to me too - who'd have known?! The only downside is that I can never get sausages to be the same texture as Linda's, I think I might need to invest in some veggie casings, as I make a great sausage meat but the da…

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