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Lovely Lemony Leek, Basil & Samphire Summer Salad

Mate! Salad weather is back and guess who's smashing it?! I AM. Well, winging with wonderous results, at least.

This is a simple, sweet and salty salad of seduction that takes just a little bit longer than seconds to make. I had to write it up immediately before I forgot what I put in it. It's a flavour stonker!

So, moving oop north has rather surprisingly reduced my organic baked bean options, but has increased the availability of my beloved unwaxed lemons. They're so much tastier. I suppose logic suggests they must be fresher, as they do go off quicker without the gross waxy bit. Anywho, get good lemons for this. It's important.

My fridge is running low at the moment and I'm trying to eat everything before I give it a good scrub out and refill the big, silver beast. This obviously means using what I've got, before I can get to the fun (seriously. I am that twisted), fridge cleaning part. Well, what I had was mostly salad things and your garden variety (teehe…

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