Turkey Stuffed Mini Portobellos

This is another meaty dish, but I actually wish I'd made a veggie version, substituting the turkey for a mix of barley or beans cooked in stock, as I think it would have been juicier and tastier. Not that this wasn't tasty, it actually is. It has that fragrant, comforting flavour of roast dinners, and it all works perfectly well together, I'm just not a fan of turkey really. It's my own hang-up, I just find it underwhelming. I thought I should give it another go though, as my last turkey creation was much yummier than ever expected, but I did completely smother that in spice. Hmm. Obviously I prefer turkey deep fried and/or as a carrier for other flavours. Thank goodness for cottage cheese, eh?

Ostrich! That would have been better. Why aren't there any ostrich farms in Kent?!

Anyway, stuff your mushrooms anyway you like. Here's what I did.

Turkey Stuffed Mini Portobellos
Serves 2

Served in my lovely lunchtime tupperware. Salad and cottage cheese separate.

125g turkey breast mince (172)
4 (160g) portobello mushrooms (40)
100g lettuce (12)
100g cucumber (10)
100g cherry toms (18)
50g onion (21)
rosemary & thyme (2)
100g cottage cheese (75)
garlic clove (4)
salt & pepper
Total calories 354
Per person 177

  1. Pre heat your oven to gas mark 6 or equivalent.
  2. Finely dice your onion and garlic. Remove the stalks from your mushroom and chop them and your herbs all nice and small too. Put all this in a bowl and look how pretty it is.
  3. Take your disturbingly pink looking, lean turkey breast mince, add it to the bowl, season and smoosh it all together until it looks like stuffing.
  4. Take a seasoned baking tray and flatten your stuffing all around the edge of it. stick in the oven for 20-25 minutes. Enjoy this moment, it smells stomach rumlingly delicious while it's cooking. Mmmm...stuffing.
  5. Prep your salad, rinse and put aside. Weigh out your cottage cheese.
  6. After 20-25 minutes of cooking, pop your mushrooms and a couple of the tomatoes (just because I like mix of roasted & raw toms), on the baking tray with your stuffing and cook for a further 10 minutes.
  7. You could cook your stuffing in your mushrooms, and it's probably be better, but you'd have to weigh it all out into separate stuffing balls either halfway through cooking or before cooking entirely, and that just seems like extra effort. I cooked it, chopped it up and divided the mix between the mushrooms because I'm lazy and fairly sure I was having a bit of a brain fail. Hey it worked, alright?
  8. Serve with your salad and cottage cheese. Wish it was ostrich, but be thankful you have freedom of choice, you ungrateful moo.

What's your favourite mushroom stuffing? I like quinoa for stuffing anything, but we all know that's out of the window now. Only cupboard supplies left, so my last few grains are precious and will need to go towards something amazing! What to do...what to do..?


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