Going Local in Hastings

It was Mother's Day this weekend and to celebrate we took a family day trip to Hastings for a ramble around lots of second hand shops, show Lilly, our new Jack Russel, the sea and sample some fresh and delicious fish. I admittedly was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures most of the day. So this will be a fairly short entry.

As soon as we got out of the car, we had some beautiful cockles, amazing prawns and a juicy roll mop from one of the seaside stalls. They tasted so much better than anything we get at home. The texture was also much of an improvement, no rubbery chews to be had here, and we bought the lot for under £4. Better quality seafood for less money? Yes please. Makes me very jealous and flames a desire to live by the sea. One day, one day...

Being in Sussex, I had to sample some of the local wares, starting with cheese of course! We found Penbuckles English Cheesemonger and Vinter. They clearly supported local producers and business, stocking loads of lovely Kent and Sussex yummies. I ended up purchasing a great, hard sheep's cheese called Lord of the Hundreds, which is quite mild and goes beautifully on a cracker, and a gorgeous cheddar-cum-Parmesan called Sussex Charmer. Oh, the flavour! I'm looking forward to melting it over some risotto soon. They also had Kent Crisps, but some lucky buggers ran in and bought the last 4 packets before I could get my hands on them! The oyster ones are the greatest crisps I've ever eaten. Ever.

Next door to my new favourite cheesemonger was an old fashioned bakery called Judges, which has been around since 1826. In the window was a buckwheat and raisin biscuit, which obviously had to be devoured. It was scrummy; a traditional tasting biscuit, with good thickness and texture. Not at all dry or too crumbly for being gluten free either! Fabulous.

After a bit more wandering we were ready for dinner. We tirelessly searched high and low for the perfect spot to eat, and eventually came across the Dolphin Inn. The Dolphin was perfect for dinner, as Lilly was allowed in, there was a selection of fresh fish, which we could have any which way we liked, as it was all made to order on site and also had a fully licensed bar. Perfect.

Lilly was very popular and made friends with some other dogs and their owners whilst we had a drink and waited for our fishy dinners. The men went for traditional battered cod and chips and my mummy and I went for the grilled fish platter, also served with chips and salad. I did forget to take a photo of the meal at the start, as I was starving and couldn't wait to tuck in. You can still make out the salmon and dab, but I had already finished the mackerel; all of which had been simply grilled and were all equally delicious. And for little more than £8. Bargain. The best part of the meal, however, was the greatest chips ever! No lie. These chips were amazing and we had to order extra as there just weren't enough. I fully recommend anyone in Hastings to go to the Dolphin Inn. The staff and locals are very friendly and accommodating, the chips are too good to be true and all the wiggly welcome doggies make it well worth a visit.

Where's you favourite place to eat out?


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