The Most Satisfying Eggs Benedict Ever!

Why is this the most satisfying Eggs Benedict ever?! Well, simply because I made the Hollandaise sauce from my homemade butter. That's right, after having it on crackers and loving it, I tested my butter's butteriness in a butter sauce, and it only bloody worked!

I would like to thank my mum for marrying my dad and making me, my nan for starting me off in the kitchen, my hometown for giving me great access to incredible ingredients, but most of all I would like to thank Delia for this incredibly easy to follow Hollandaise sauce method. Even when I was lacking a food processor and had to take a chance on a bowl and a stick blender, my expectations were surpassed. Without you this sense of accomplishment could never have been possible. Thank you.

Look at them laying there, all snuggled with the bacon and smothered in that gorgeous, silky, yellow blanket. Aren't they beautiful? I shall call them Bonita and Ova.


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