Where Has All My Immunity Gone? 2 Week Raw Food Challenge

I am ill. I feel like I'm ill all the bloody time, recently. I'm pretty sure covid and the lockdowns have completely obliterated my immune system, and now all I have to do is leave the house once and then the following 2 weeks are a write off whilst I try to recover from whatever ailment I've got now. You're not supposed to be able to catch the same cold or flu twice but if there's one out there, I've had it. If only contagions were Pokemon.

So, in an attempt to reset my failing immune system and give myself a better chance at not catching every damn germ going, I'm going to do 2 weeks of entirely raw food. I'm also going to try to combine this with staying properly hydrated (preferably with bottled water), gentle daily exercise (no more of my "extreme" exercising habits), and - probably the hardest for me - a minimum of 7 hours sleep every night. I really need this to work and going back to the basics and really nailing them seems like the only chance I have, as trying to be "healthy" when clearly my original building blocks are unsound is a likely to just lead to a full on structural collapse.

I will still be taking my ADHD meds. I may also do some intermittent fasting. I will be trying to not coffee. I will be making sure to include ferments daily. I will eat organic where possible, but most definitely for the current dirty dozen.

Today, I'm weighing in, taking my measurements, making notes on my appearance and energy levels, and shopping for my ingredients. I will attempt daily progress reports. 

Right bicep: 32.5cm

Left bicep: 33cm

Bust: 98cm

Underbust: 87cm

Waist: 82.5cm

Hips: 108cm

Right thigh: 63cm

Left thigh: 63cm

Right Calf: 37cm

Left calf: 37cm

Weight on scale: 10st 10

Skin: my skin looks pale and sickly. I’ve been waking up dripping with sweat. My face is dry and peeling from all the nose blowing. I have bags.

Energy levels: low. Everything is hard work. Even after taking my meds. Transitions are highly difficult right now.

Focus: I have none. I'm foggy and scattered. I don't even know what day it is. I cannot pick between tasks. I forget what I'm supposed to be doing either mid task or as soon as I've decided to do it.

Emotions: largely numb and down at all times right now. Even my emotions are low energy. Some big stuff has happened and I'm angry but I cannot be bothered to be angry. I've just blocked everyone and shut down.

Feeling within myself: sluggish, spacey, a bit out of body or "drugged", quick to get out of breath or tire, weak, reluctant, unfocused, snotty, have a cough. IBS and proctitus symptoms all the time.

Today's exercise: walk around Bramley Falls

Food and drink log:

  • 1 instant coffee with Innocent almond milk
  • 1 blueberry and mint "slushie"
  • 1 mango and ginger "slushie"
  • Courgette and carrot in a spicy avocado dressing, topped with mixed seeds


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