Summer Review

So, as I clearly hadn't made socialising with others difficult enough, I've decided that I want to completely cut dairy out of my life now. That's right, I'm going to be saying goodbye to the deliciousness that is cheese, butter, sour cream and milky chocolate. Why? Because I obviously want all of my friends to hate me when we go for dinner and I have to say "excuse me, do you happen to have anything that's both gluten free and vegan? Oh, I can have a bowl of rice and a dry jacket potato? Lovely."

I stopped drinking milk quite a while back after it made me take up toilet sprinting, so I'm going to assume, that despite it's extreme levels of tastiness, dairy probably isn't very good for me and my shonky digestive system. Also, I live with someone who suffers quite badly with psoriasis and apparently going vegan can massively help with skin issues, so without even touching on the animal cruelty concerns -which are huge, and are massively helping drive my decision- I think removing dairy from my household should hopefully have a very visible positive impact.

Because I hate having a content mind, I've been reading up on veganism quite a lot lately, and I want to try a kickstart of a month of ovo vegetarianism. I'm not prepared to go fully vegan and I will still be eating the eggs I get from a local, properly free range farm until I rescue my own hens, as I know where my eggs come from and that they aren't funding poor living conditions and mass slaughter every 2 years. But I won't be eating supermarket eggs or packaged ingredients with egg, or eggs in dinners on nights out, unless I can confirm and agree with the source of the egg. I do love a challenge.

After my 30 days I will also occasionally allow myself meat when I can verify that it's supporting local farmers, traditional farming or gaming methods and all the animals at least had a go at a proper life before they reached my plate. I think it will be much easier to find meat I can ethically agree with than it will dairy, which SUCKS MASSIVE UDDERS.

The thing I will find hardest is butter and ghee. I do a lot of cooking in ghee and I really bloody love butter and I've always been against synthetic spreads so finding a good, natural replacement to butter is going to be hard work. I'm hoping that by knocking it all on the head properly for a month will hopefully kick out any cravings and make adjusting to dairy alternatives a bit easier.

It's my munching partner's mother's birthday this weekend and we're all going out for dinner at somewhere that I would consider to properly source their meat, but if I don't start this now, I never will, so I've just had to send my first "do you have anything wheat, dairy, meat and fish free?" email. I have yet to receive a response...I'm so sorry Sarah.


  1. Well, it was nice knowing you Miss Dolly! You'll live on in our gourmet hearts long after your body has ceased to function from lack of caloric intake.
    But I will be interested to see how you survive what is essentially the 'Dark Souls' of structured diets!


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