Tossing Away My Vegan Pancake V Plates

I have just come out the other side of my first ever vegan pancake day, and guess what?! I lived to tell the tale. Obviously these are actually vegan-gluten-free-double-awkward-hippy-wanker pancakes for which I just sort of flew by the seat of my pants whilst knocking them together. Turns out I liked it- especially the breeziness.

We had some classic lemon and sugar, and also an Almond Dream salted caramel ice cream with maple syrup, but the star of the show was definitely the savoury main course pancakes.

I'd made up a vegan pesto earlier in the day and decided that pesto pancakes were the way to go. As it turns out, I am actually a bloody genius. True story. I never want regular pancakes again. Neither will you if you get in your kitchen and try it.

Using the recipe I linked to above, there's even enough pesto for me to have pasta or spiralised veggies tomorrow, so double win!

Anyway, there's not loads of pictures, because I bloody scoffed it, but pancake day is over until next year now anyway, and I wouldn't want you to get too excited, so just accept it.

Here is my recipe for:

Gluten Free Vegan Pesto Pancakes (Catchy Title Pending)
makes 4 v. large pancakes

4 oz Dove's Farm gf plain flour, sifted
pinch of salt
6 tbsp aquafaba (I used haricot bean juice)
1/2 pint Koko milk
1/2-3/4 pint water
  1. Pop a frying pan over a moderate heat. Melt some Pure spread in it.
  2. Pop your flour & salt into a bowl, add the aquafaba and mix with a spoon or spatular
  3. Add in the Koko milk and water and whisk until lightly bubbled and fully combined.
  4. Use a paper towel to wipe away the excess fat and then pour in your batter and swirl around the pan to make a thin layer.
  5. Drizzle a couple of tsp of peston into the cooking batter and swirl to spread.
  6. Cook until browned on the bottom and then toss and cook the other side.
  7. Top with some fried red onions, a Linda Mc sausage and an extra drizzle of pesto.
  8. NOM it hard.
  9. Realise you did still have some virginities left and that now thanks to these sexy beasts that you probably don't anymore.
  10. Make more pancakes.
  11. Get fat.
  12. Be happy.


  1. What sort of air do you get from the vegan pancakes?

    They look super tasty!

    1. Do you mean flipping wise, or fluffiness?

      I'll admit that I cheated and used a spatular due to first time nerves and a stupidly large pan, but I reckon they'd flip rather well with a smaller pan and a skilled hand.

      If you mean air like American style, I'm more or a crêpey pancake fan.


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