Vegan Day of the Dead

November 1st is World Vegan Day and Fat Gay Vegan organised a Vegan Day of the Dead dinner at the Black Cat Cafe in Hackney and being a new vegan, I was excited to have nabbed a ticket before they sold out.

This not only coincided with my recent transition to veganism, but it was also the same weekend as mine and massive munches 5 year Hallowversary, so we went along keen to stuff our faces in guilt free celebration.

And what a fine celebration it was!


We were rather eager beavers and arrived early, so went to sit in an appropriately spooky looking, fog shrouded park, supping on our M&S vegan ciders waiting for the first round of vegans to finish their munching.

Once we were allowed in, the cafe is a small, bright jolly looking place with a few groceries and books of possible interest for sale. So eating and food based shopping combined! Argh! Sensory overload! My tiny mind nearly exploded.

The entire 5 course dinner was gluten free and made by a very talented chef called Julio, who had flown in from Mexico City to cook us all a fabulous dinner- on his birthday! What a man!

It was all delicious, and we left so full and uncomfortably satisfied, that we were both very keen to get home for a nap. Oh, and there was free mezcal, so I blame all blurry, wonky photography on that!

My favourite was the sauce the Albondigas were in and the Esquites were esquisite! Must try a recipe for them soon...

Here was the full menu:

Aperitivos: Mini tortillas with guacamole, salsa verde & pico de gallo

First course: Esquites with Vegenaise, epazote, fresh lime juice and chile powder

Second course: Black bean & lime soup with smoked paprika, chipotle and cumin

Third course: Flautas filled with chorizo and potato served on a bed of lettuce, drenched in salsa verde and topped with marinated onion

Fourth course: Albondigas de lentejas (lentil meatballs) with adobo sauce

Fifth course: Chocolate cake with sticky spiced chocolate sauce, served with vanilla ice cream and hibiscus-chile sprinkle

Anyway, we had a fantastic time and it was a great first plant based hallowversary. I can't wait for the next feasting shindig. Apparently I may have imbibed slightly too much fire water and took many a picture, so sorry for the wonk, but here, have some more photos:

Look at the state of my placemat! Never trust me with dips.

Julio & FGV
The only thing I was forced to leave due to imminent explosion.
Very important picture of a coat and some sweets.

Apparently I liked taking photos of this.
Ooh, shiny! 

Gone. :(
Bye door!


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