Iced Fruit Breakfast Smoothie

As more people than ever needed to know are aware, I have quite a temperamental digestive system. Recently, for no discernible reason, the old bag has started having tantrums about everything again, so after several days of feeling very unwell, I am attempting to kickstart the miserable bitch back into at least acting like she's doing her job. She doesn't need to aim for a bonus or promotion, but retraining at an entry level position seems rather necessary for this relationship to continue functioning at all. I do not fancy interviewing new staff, so this has to work out really. Get it together, Greta! I don't know why I just named my digestive system Greta, but it's probably best to just go with it...

Anyway, as an attempt to do this, I'm trying to start my day with a fresh, raw, natural and fibre filled way. So fruit, basically. Not content with just eating a big bowl of fruit, and realising that I actually eat twice as much in food form than I do when blended, I am opting for the smoothie option. Plus chewing is so laborious and totes last season...

I always keep some chopped frozen bananas in my freezer, as it stops me from wasting them if they go a little over ripe and they can be turned into a delicious ice cream alternative or a luscious breakfast smoothie! I recommend using frozen fruits such as these bananas as your ice, actual ice will water it down and I don't like watered down fruit, I like fruity fruit. Toot toot.

Rise of The Living Bed Head Smoothie
serves 2-3

about 2 chopped, frozen bananas
3 plums, de-stoned and quartered, fresh or frozen
a handful of strawberries, fresh or frozen
1-2 handfuls of cherries, stone removed, fresh or frozen
up to 1 cup of Koko

  1. Stick all of your fruit in a blender, pour in a splash of Koko and turn on. Keep adding Koko until the fruit begins to blend and starts blushing like a bashful bride.
  2. Blend until smooth and looking more like a cerise alien species on a warm day and pour into a chilled glass.
  3. Drink me. Slowly. No need to guzzle, there's a lot of nutrition in that there pink stuff and no one wants to colour the bathroom Care Bear.
  4. Pop the rest in the fridge for later, or give it to a friend who's farts you've noticed have been a bit more vile than usual...hmmm...
  5. Despite choosing my words rather crassly throughout, what you will have created is a rather delicious, easily consumed, summery feeling, fruity drink of joy and body balancer-outer. Phew. All this healthy living is leaving me in need of a nap. Yes, a fruity little lie down now, I think.  


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