Quick as a Flash, July Update

So, July has been quite a manic month. I've been finishing up work for the summer, trying to look for a summer job, going to a million birthdays- including my own, catching up on family activities and going to the New Forest County Show. All of which means I've been rather quiet on the food front. To remedy this, I decided a picture blast should leave me a memory of my stomach's own personal Olympics of July, so here y'are Guts, reminisce.
Lemon Sole, Brown Shrimp, Garlic Spinach, Olives & Tomatoes

Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese Salad with Carrots

The Final Cauliflower Cheese dish, Based on this Heston Recipe http://tiny.cc/wct9hw

Half Warm, Half Raw Egg & Chorizo Salad

My SoufflĂ© like Vegetable Frittata- I Attribute the Whole Milk Cream to the Texture

And that's it really. Just having a fish and veg fest, (except all the pork, but pork doesn't count, it's too delicious to be sinful!)


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