The Joy of Eggs!

Goose eggs are in season! YAY! This makes me happier than I was yesterday scoffing down my lovely poached duck egg. I went to The Village Store in my local town of Chislehurst and there the beauties were, just sitting there, staring at me. Having over half a dozen chicken eggs and almost the same number of duck eggs already in my kitchen, I allowed myself to just buy 2, massive beasts for consumption!

The Village Store has been one of my favourite places to get food for years. Even as a child at Italia Conti Saturday school, I would make a venture to The Village Store for my lunch; eating their big, fat pie wedges, loaded rolls and sandwiches, quiche, samosas or Scotch eggs. Alas, I can no longer eat any of these delights, but thought that this gem of a shop would be a good place to start for providing me with local, ethical produce- and I was right.

I had a lovely chat with owner Paul today, and he clearly cares about his products and has great relationships with his suppliers- even being able to tell me the current health of several of them- and I was upset to find out the local honey was on hold and waiting for new supplies in June. However, I was delighted to discover that all their pork is Kentish, they have a great bread supply (no wheat free for me unfortunately, but loads of choice otherwise), all eggs are also from a local, free-range supplier and they do some great organic, local turkey too. He appears to share my ideals, and even if he can't buy Kent, he will buy from as local as possible and not purchase mass-produced meat, which is alright by me. He also knows his seasons and when to expect what- I'm looking forward to some Kent cherries this summer- nothing beats them.

So, I picked up some of his gorgeous ham and a couple of juicy looking goose eggs and headed home for one of life's greatest simple pleasures- egg & soldiers!

I'm a purist when it comes to eggs, and believe the flavour should speak for itself without too much interference. Just 7-8 minutes for a good, soft-boiled goose egg, some gluten free toast (burnt, as I left it under the grill and got distracted by excitedly starting to write about my gargantuan goose eggs), and the lovely thick ham. Nothing else needed, not even seasoning. Perfect.

Now I just need to decide what to do with the other egg...


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