VegFest 2015

I went to VegFest.
I loved it.
I may have been a bit overexcited as a new vegan, but by golly, I wish I'd been there all weekend and taken out a loan.
I took my omnivore family and we all had a lovely time and spent lots of money on lots of yumminess.
There was so much vegan cheese and chocolate that it was a bit overwhelming.
I was so heavily laden with goodies that I struggled to take pictures, so here is a just a quick rundown of a few of my favourite things.

My favourite Mysore Dosa from Dosa Deli

My favourite sister eating a Dosa Deli dosa

My Favourite Pad Thai from Bang Wok

My favourite gluten free, vegan make at home pizza bases, wraps and flatbreads from Venice Bakery 

 My favourite bloody delicious looking falafel and friends

My favourite Viva

 My favourite tempeh, satay and lovely gluten free, vegan crisps from Across the Oceans

Some of my favourite vegan street food stalls with added favourite vegans.

 My favourite dairy free, chocolate chai milk from Rebel Kitchen

More of my favourite Viva.

My favourite Vegan Badass, Patrick Baboumian

My favourite bike powered smoothie maker

 My favourite The Captain's Beard

My favourite Vegan Friends UK members

My favourite post-VegFest Pizza Express gluten free, vegan Pianta pizza

 My favourite living room with my favourite VegFest 2015 haul.

Featuring some of the things mentioned above as well as my favourite Koko spread, Follow Your Heart Vegenaise, Provamel cashew milk, LifeFood Flax Crackers, Great Food balls of yum, Moo Free chocolate, Eat Moringa powder and a selection of Pana Chocolates.

Can we do it all again now?


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