Something For The Summer

Goodness, it's been a long time since I was last here! I'll get my excuses in quickly:

At first I had no computer to call my own and record all of my munching musings on, and then, since returning to the land of the technologically connected, my diet has been all over the place due to me being loaded up on the dreaded gluten as I will be tested for coeliac disease very shortly and hopefully have the doctors take my dietary issues more seriously.

Despite these interruptions to my eating schedule, some green fingered progress has been made in my tiny little world. I'm no Charlie Dimmock yet- except possibly for my shared lack of willingness to wear a bra- but my Windowsill of Death can no longer live up to it's name as there is actual life growing on it. Deliberately! This morning I even had a fresh mint tea made with leaves picked from my very own mint plant. It was lovely and I plan on starting more days in the same way.

Anyway, as my 6 weeks of gluten gobbling are nearly over, I have set myself some new, frugal and waste free goals for the summer.

  1. For all of July, I will not buy any meat or fish and will only use what is in my freezer, in an attempt to use it all and have the freezer ready for defrosting and cleaning by August. The only exceptions to this rule will be the plucks that I buy to make up the dog's food and my birthday BBQ and smoke up where tradition rules that I will most definitely be acquiring a hunk of meat to smoke and share among friends.
  2. I will attempt to not go food shopping without having a specific list. This is to try and stop me from just arbitrarily and obsessively attaining food and buying things that we might like but probably don't need. No, you definitely don't need it. You don't. Put the damn cheese down!
  3. My veg box will be my first port of call and I won't top it up until I have used all of what is in it.
  4. The following full week will be entirely meat free, mostly veggie, a little fishy and completely sober.

Right, so now I've set myself the challenge, time to try and make something for brunch. I have a feeling a nice veggie frittata may be on the cards today. 


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