This Week's Meat; Brockley Market Pork

I don't often make a Sunday roast, not because I don't like them or because I find them too time consuming, but weekend eventing often means that I just don't have the capabilities for orchestrating a roast on a Sunday, and tend to rather fancy some big hunks of roast meat on a Monday instead. This weekend was no different, after being out all night with my closing set DJ partner in crime on Saturday, the day of rest was exactly that, unmoving rest. I had at least been to Brockley Market this weekend, so had a huge piece of pork shoulder ready to roast.

There are two butcher's stalls at Brockley from which I purchased this weekend. The first were some stonking sausages from Jacob's Ladder. I really like Jacob's Ladder, I think it's a wonderful idea which supports and promotes smaller farms and I believe all of the meat is either organic or biodynamic, so follows my rules. The sausages were around £9 for 8 of them, but they are massive, delicious and are all meat and seasoning with no rusk. So big and meaty are these sausages that we've only been eating them one at a time, which really is saying something. In fact I had to put half of them in the freezer for another day.

The boned and rolled pork shoulder offering came from The Butchery, and as they state themselves, they are "focused on providing tasty, native-breed, free-range, pasture fed meat sourced from small farmers who care about all things meaty." Basically, they know where their meat is from, support traditional farming methods and breeds, source from small farms and are just generally cool guys. It was a rather large piece of pork and needed around 2 and a half hours of intensive roasting, but my gosh did it give a good crackling and was deliciously fatty and sweet. I made a garlic, olive oil, rosemary, sage and thyme rub for the pork, and rubbed it on several hours prior to cooking, letting it permeate the meat and fill my fridge with the most garlicky of aromas! I served my meat with sautéed coriander and mint aubergine, purple sprouting broccoli, roast potatoes, flat, gluten free Yorkshires pudding farts, roasted onion and carrot and homemade leek gravy. It was delicious. It was even still delicious a second time as Tuesday night's dinner too, and so filling it completely stopped me picking after dinner. It was undoubtedly the best crackling I've ever produced and I really wish I had more of it now!

We also bought some absolutely delicious and incredibly huge cooking chorizo and some more danger salami from my favourite charcuterie, Moon's Green. If you ever get the opportunity to buy products from Moon's Green do. Their pork is exquisite, the proprietors are always friendly and funny and it's all extremely reasonably priced. I have been upset to find their cheek bacon missing from the stall on more recent visits, but it's probably a good thing I can't get my greedy paws on it. If I could be wrapped up at bedtime in this delicious face meat, I would. I refuse to be ashamed.

So there you have it, pork week. Expect veggies only for the rest of the week and we'll see what takes our fancy at this weekend's farmer's markets.


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