An Appeal & A Meal

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of communication of late. I have been quite the distracted bunny. I've still been cooking and taking lots of photos, but a large amount of my time has been taken up with a campaign to save a local pub; The Porcupine, Mottingham. It has been secretly bought by Lidl using underhand tactics and will be demolished soon if we don't try to stop it.

The pub has a lot of history, there has been one with that name on this site since the 1600s, and it has personal relevance to me, as my grandparents used to run it in the 70s. It would be a terrible shame to see a local, historical institution bulldozed and turned into something I and the rest of our village am entirely opposed to. I would be very appreciative if anyone reading this could show their support and sign the petition here. Or maybe join the Facebook fight. Thank you.

Right, on to the food!

Fairly healthy, did you say? For little to no money? But you'd like it to taste nice?! Moon on a stick? No? How about some sprats? Ah, good...good...

Yesterday I beheaded and disemboweled around 30 creatures. Thankfully they were already dead. It's a bit of a time consuming task, but it's not difficult and is definitely worth the effort. This dish is so scrummy, even the less brave in the household managed to munch his way through fifteen whole fish bodies without so much as a quiver. And the dog got a nice sustainable, Kent coast dinner treat of fish heads. I call a triumph!

So, this is a recipe which uses very little fat, a lot of flavour and a good selection of texture. This is...

Wagwan Szechuan Sprats! Brraap!
Serves 2 as a main, 4 as a starter

for the sprats:
30 sprats, beheaded and guts removed
1/2 cup flour, pretty much any flour will do. I went with Doves Farm gf
1 tbsp chilli powder
1 tbsp paprika
salt & pepper
lemon grass, bruised (optional)

for the noodles:
2 handfuls of rice noodles
1 chilli, finely chopped
2 spring onions, finely chopped
boiling water

for the Szechaun dressing:
2 tbsp tamari
1 1/2 tsp Chinkiang vinegar
1 tsp caster sugar
4 tbsp chilli oil
1 tsp ground Szechaun pepper
1 tsp sesame oil

  1. Pre-heat your grill to something of a moderate temperature. Sieve together your flour, chilli powder, paprika and seasoning. Wash and pat dry your little brats on some kitchen roll. Dunk them in the seasoned flour and arrange on an oiled and seasoned baking tray with the smashed lemon grass.
  2. Place your noodles, spring onion and chilli in a bowl and cover with boiling water and leave.
  3. Pop your coated brats under the grill for about 4 minutes or until browning and blistered. Turn and then grill on the other side to the same effect. we like symmetry.
  4. Pop all the dressing ingredients in a small jar and shake vigorously.
  5. Serve in a big pile with some blanched and well seasoned leeks and greens and dribbled liberally with the dressing.

Brap! Little bullets of flavour! Check the ill culinary behaviour!

I have a lot of posts in my drafts folder just needing a tweak or two. Expect a flurry of posts, or shout at me if it doesn't happen.

If you would like to see the dog's treat...scroll down. If fishy offcuts aren't your thing, don't.



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