2013 Grub-o-lutions.

Firstly, an apology for the long absence. I use my trusty phone for all photographs, and had this stolen last year, and what's the point in documenting food failures and triumphs without photos? I now once again have a phone with a working camera, but it's not as good as the last one, so there may be a slight decline in my mad munch snapping skills(!)

Secondly, happy new year! 2013 is upon us, and like Buffy, we've survived several end of the worlds. Hopefully all the crazies will now stop stockpiling water and tinned goods in homemade garden shelters. Fingers crossed.

I never make new year's resolutions, but my partner in crime has thrust upon me some desire to get healthier, which apparently means for 2013 I have a few adjustments to make. Luckily, I can fit satisfying vanity and health into my food obsession. So here are my Grub-o-lutions:

  1. Attempt to improve health and possibly lose some weight by attempting the 5:2 diet. I'm less concerned about my weight, but I would like to get in good habits for preventing against heart disease, Alzheimers, diabetes and all other horrible things that effect the majority of us as we age.
  2. Get a working garden. This year we will start growing our own veg. I would also like a pair of ducks and chickens. And some apple trees and cider making equipment. This is a long, ongoing, expensive goal, but it will be put in motion this year.
  3. I will be mostly pescetarian. I know we're only 9 days in, but so far I've managed to not buy any meat this year and will not be buying meat for all of January. Or eating out at all. I've got some wild, Kent game and some smoked bacon left over from Christmas in the freezer if we happen to fancy a pheasant roast or rabbit pie. All other meals this month will be vegetarian or fish based. This is going well so far.
  4. Being a very lucky girl, I got everything I asked for from Father Christmas, which means that I will be curing, smoking, sausage stuffing and cheese culturing. From February, I will try buying half a pig from Roundwood and making up a big batch of sausages and bacon and will hopefully stop buying these things ready made altogether. The cheese I will be starting on as soon as my Kent milk delivery comes tomorrow from Kent Veg Box.  I am very excited to be creating even more food from scratch.
  5. I will update my food diaries bi-monthly, minimum. Even if it means I have to invest in a camera.
Right, I'm starving. Time for a good, veggie breakfast!


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