I Love Lolly!

So, summer poked it's head out for a couple of hours this week, and after consuming most of two rather large punnets of strawberries, I didn't really fancy any more, and was at a bit of a loss of what to do with the remaining few.

I bought some cheap, kiddies lolly moulds the other day as a step towards experimenting with iced goodies, and thought some little strawberry slices might cheer up a frozen lick or two. What with it being my house, obviously there was an abundance of cider, so cider lollies with strawberry it was!

And this is what they look like!

I'm not sure if they might be better after the cider has been left to go flat, as it may help with the crystallisation, but given all the over-spill stuck to the moulds, they definitely need to be less full next time!

They definitely make cider go further though. Four people can have a boozy sucker for just half a can of Strongbow (or posh cider of your choosing). Win.


  1. Custard lollies! http://crumbsfeedyourfamily.blogspot.co.uk/2010/08/custard-lollies.html


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